MEDA Footage Progress

I have got to the bottom of my issue of stabilizing my camera – without spending a small fortune on a fixed car mount that would be suitable for my DSLR camera. By not buying a mount that would only sit on my dash and not incorporate the driver (me) into it, I have created a potential connection between the audience and me by mounting in the back seat – creating an almost Over the Shoulder type shot as they follow me on my journey.


With all story boarding complete, I have taken the first lots of my real footage and I have also found music that will fit the clip very well. This is all of course subject to change depending on if I develop better ideas or if it turns out the combination doesn’t work at all.

By wedging a few CD cases between my camera and the seat, and the head rest clamped firmly on the top – the footage I made was excellent and bar a few little slip ups – was steady for the most part. Once these clips are all edited and put into the storyboard with a placeholders for footage I need to acquire – I will begin the post production methods of motion tracking and also realise whether or not this is sufficient.


MEDA Testing Ideas

I had a productive time recently by creating a storyboard of how I intend on my video to pan out – by choosing to drive into Nowra and take different paths and eventually edit into the way I described last post.


Along with creating the storyboard I actually went out and got some footage to see how it would pan out. I took it from different angles inside my car but due to the bumpy nature of a drive – nothing looks that great and tracking will be a nightmare.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 3.15.57 pm

I also tried fixing the camera to my dash and getting some footage of myself driving to potentially use or see what I can do with something like that but it seems out of place and im not too big a fan of how it is all looking. I intend on shooting some more soon and see how it goes.

MEDA Generating Ideas

Throughout the course of the week, I tried filming some random objects and scenes in my house, yard and around my local area. Through having a stationary camera and having moving objects through the scene – I have tried motion tracking certain information to them – not dissimilar to a HUD in a video game. The finished result of my experiments was less than average – as once again I dived into with no idea of what I wanted the final product to look like and whether or not a scene similar to what I was filming would even make the final cut.

I am also torn on whether to make a single screen installation still or whether to branch off into something different like having a work across three screens. Jasmins work of the people eating McDonalds has kind of inspired me to make my ideas a bit larger and more interactive – and I have thought of a way in which I possibly could.

I aim to focus my work on decision trees and staitsical probability related to every day situations – so I could potentially play three videos across three different screens that are all similar eg. Me driving to work but taking a different route – and sync it so although the paths are different, I will arrive at my destination at the same time.

MEDA Practice Makes Perfect

With no real experimentation done by myself as I am only planning o doing an a single screen work – I find the allocated time in the gallery to be almost a waste for me. Instead I have migrated to G04 and spent time editing videos and messing around with various methods to create particular effects. By following tutorials on Lynda I am able to efficiently get my head around editing concpets that I was previously unfamiliar with.


I have re worked a few of my previous works by applying new editing techniques – and as I plan to use mation tracking of text and graphics in my final iteration – I have learnt to somewhat master that in a 2D and 3D space, using a different method to what I was previously familiar with.


With a solid understanding of the editing programs and knowledge of where I will be heading conceptually, throughout the course of the next week I will begin to storyboard and trial shooting possible clips and see how it all pans out 🙂

MEDA Inspiration Time

My style when creating videos has always been simple – and as a result of our chat in the lecture and my discussion with Mat – I believe I am a craftsman as opposed to an artist. I would rather be given a brief and a guide and be told what to do as opposed to having to coneptualise an idea myself and experiment with the many different ways I can visually express an idea. When expressing my ideas however – in all previous works ideas have been concise with no flashy distracting colours or graphucs that take away from the intended purpose. This clip from the film Fight Club is similar to that of my editing style and I intend to make a short clip similar to this that explores similar themes of money, consumerism and the mathematical interrelationship between money and time.



I am unsure at the moment to how I will achieve all these ideas – but the visual aspect should be easy enough – it is as I mentioned in my previous post the relationship that I must create which will prove difficult.

MEDA Researching Ideas

I do not aim on beginning a hands on approach to my work as of yet as in my past experiences I feel there is nothing worse than jumping head first into a project with no idea of where you want to end up. By watching this TED talk I developed some more ideas of how I can actively express my ideas into a video form. By watching this talk and researching some of the explored examples – I am gaining an understanding of the ways that statistics and data sets can be represented in different ways.



Although I am familiar with video creation and also with statistics and data – creating a relationship between the two may prove to be difficult and I am wondering whether or not I should just generate numbers and graphs etc on after effects and make it look aesthetic or if I should film some live action footage and incorporate the graphics into that aswell.

MEDA: Beginning the Process

Beginning my process proved to be a difficult time as I have a massive amount of ideas about what I can do and I’m trying not to bite off more than I can chew. I intend on doing a single screen installation that somehow incorporate aspects of statistics and data sets – yet representing this concept in a audio visual format may be a difficult task.

As part of my research towards this, I looked for different videos and photographs that focus on the idea of statistics and looking for ways I can incorporate these into my own work. Below are some things I came across:




By viewing these works I can see the direction that I perhaps want to take (or not) but the way I will get there is going to be dependent on how my work ethic is – along with the results when trialling different methods in content creation. They are both still images here but have good ideas that I could possibly animate – such as showing the interaltion between shapes etc and possibly sync to music to show that maths is a central concept in keeping order and rhythm.